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Acrylic furniture has a dazzling reputation that some enthusiasts equate with the opulent Hollywood Regency era. Others may think of the enduring Louis Ghost clear Chair, which was unveiled in 2002 by well-known designer Philippe Starck. Whatever the case, one thing is certain: a clear acrylic chair is just as see through chair and popular today as it was back in the 1930s when it was originally introduced to the world of home décor.

These adaptable pieces naturally increase the perceived airiness of space and look fantastic in any design. The dilemma of how to clean acrylic furniture always remains, though, for those who do decide to purchase it. Continue reading for our advice on how to keep clear acrylic chair scratch-free and polished to a glossy sheen!

see through chair

Can we first discuss what not to do? You would assume that using a glass cleaner, like Windex, would work because it resembles glass in appearance. You would be mistaken. Never do it! It will just cause the acrylic to deteriorate over time and look hazy. Additionally, avoid using the soiled dusting cloth you have laying about. There's a chance that it has tiny, abrasive particles in it that will scratch the surface.

Despite the fact that dust may appear harmless, each speck is merely a tiny particle of debris that could have sharp edges that could scratch clear dining chairs. Never use a filthy or cotton dust cloth that produces lint to wipe acrylic surfaces down to avoid scratching. You'll need a clean, extremely absorbent, non-abrasive microfiber polishing cloth, as you might have imagined. Pick one with incredibly fine fibers. While many people advice washing your clear dining chairs with soap and water. Using a hand-held hair dryer is one approach to make sure you are not scratching the surface by rubbing too vigorously or dragging the dust particles over it. Remove the surface dust by turning on the dryer's cool air setting. Run the hairdryer from top to bottom and side to side down the surface while holding it at a 45-degree angle a few inches away.

clear acrylic chair

Simply mixing dishwashing liquid and warm water will clean acrylic furniture and accessories. Mix a few drops of dishwashing liquid with one gallon of warm water in a clean bucket. Wring out a clean microfiber towel after dipping it in soapy water. Wipe off each portion of the acrylic piece beginning at the top. Simply use the product as directed on the label. Just put some elbow grease into it, as the term goes. Before moving forward, you should be certain that all of the liquid has been removed by polishing. After you're done, take a step back and savor the glistening luster of your clear acrylic chair.

The goal is to remove any dust or grime that hides clear acrylic chair brilliant clarity. Weekly dusting will aid in avoiding excessive buildup that could result in surface blemishing scratches. If scratches do form, they should be taken care of as quickly as possible to prevent them from spreading or becoming more difficult to remove.