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Canapé 2 places Hartste, Leathaire


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Simple and modern, this minimalist sofa is versatile and practical. Featuring neutral shades, this sofa pairs well with all color schemes and styles of interior design. The thick foam cushions offer great support for the back and spine. En savoir plus

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  • Brun clair
  • Autres couleurs (FAIT SUR COMMANDE)

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  • 210cm
  • 240cm
  • 280cm
  • 320cm

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  • Non
  • Oui
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Professional Assembly for £59 

How It Works (UK Mainland Only)

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Nom du produit Canapé 2 places Hartste
Matériel Léathaire
Dimensions Plus de détails ci-dessous
Couleur Beige, autres couleurs (laissez votre couleur à la caisse ou contactez-nous)
Besoin d'assemblage Oui, jambes à monter
Conseils d'entretien Essuyer avec un chiffon humide si nécessaire
Livraison 2-3 jours pour les adresses au Royaume-Uni, 4-5 jours pour les adresses de l'UE
Style Contemporain & Moderne
Avis Le pouf doit être acheté avec le canapé.

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Bit Pricey but Worth It

The sofa is a bit on the pricey side, but the quality and design justify the cost.

No Assembly Needed

Love that there was no assembly needed. The sofa came in perfect condition and fits well in my space.

Leathaire Feels Premium

The leathaire feels premium, but I wish the sofa had more cushioning.

Perfect for Guests

The 210cm size is perfect for hosting guests. Everyone loves sitting on it.

Matches Any Decor

The light brown color is neutral and matches any decor. It's a bit firm, but I like it that way.

High-Quality Sofa

The leathaire feels high quality, and the sofa is well-made. Very happy with this purchase.

Great but Needs Break-In

The sofa is great, but it needs a bit of a break-in period. After a few weeks, it's become much more comfortable.

Elevates the Room

The light brown leathaire elevates the entire room. It's the perfect size and super comfortable.

Question from Stevenson

What is leathaire?


Leathaire is made from micro-perforated, polyurethane material. You do not get that sticky feeling or that cold vinyl feel like you do with other faux leather fabrics. Cleaning leathaire is easy. Use a damp cloth, not dripping wet, to wipe away any stains before they set. All you will need is some mild soapy water to help the cleaning process.--Quoted from Google search.


Question from Santiago

How can I choose a customized colour?


For customized colours, please contact


Question from Andres

Does the sofa come assembled?


Some sofas need no assembly, while others require a simple step: Attach the legs or foot pads onto the sofa bottom..


Question from James

Can the sofa enter my door?


It depends on which type of sofa you choose. For modular sofa, it comes in 2 or more parts, while some others only one piece. Please consult for more details.


Question from Noam

Are the cushions on the photos contained? / How many cushions come with?


Usually the big cushions ( with the same colour of the sofa itself ) are sent together. Small cushions / pillows are dispatched randomly.


Question from Samuel

Can I change the configuration / fabric?


Sorry that configurations / fabric are all fixed can’t be changed.

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Canapé 2 places Hartste, Leathaire

Brun clair / 210cm / Non
Brun clair / 210cm / Non