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Weilai Concept's Modern Style collection redefines contemporary living. Begin with a sleek full length mirror, adding depth to your space. Elevate your vanity with a modern dressing table that complements your decor. Explore the versatility of our modular sofas and a two seater sofa bed for comfort and style. Complete your living room with a round coffee table and a light oak folding dining table. Stay organized with our practical shoe storage solutions. Explore the progressive and thoughtfully curated Modern Style collection for a chic and functional interior.

Ensemble de tables basses gigognes Bell

à partir de £459.00
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🔥 Top Selling No.2 in Coffee Table 

This stylish nesting coffee table will add a touch of class to your living area. The country coffee table has a clean-lined shape that will elevate the attractiveness of your decor. Otherwise, two huge drawers give ample storage space for your belongings, while the broad top provides a beautiful and fascinating stage for some ornamental objects.

Fauteuil Escargot, Cuir Marron

£559.00 £469.00
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🔥 Top Selling No.1 in Armchair 

This contemporary leather armchair is stylish and practical. With a minimalistic design combined with high quality leather, the Snail armchair is a great piece for decoration. Featuring high density foam padding, the chair is also incredibly comfortable.

Ensemble de table basse Theo, noir et blanc

à partir de £199.00
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🔥 Top Selling No.4 in Coffee Table 

The Theo coffee table/ coffee table base provides a perfect place for your flowers, drinks, magazines, etc. This sintered stone top coffee table comes in two sizes: a large white coffee table; a small round coffee table in black. The combination of sintered stone and brass brings a sophisticated style to your living room.

Table à manger Amsterdam

à partir de £699.00
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🔥 Top Selling No.3 in Dining Table 

Amsterdam dining table is made with a marble top with an artistic texture, and the luxury dining table will showcase sophisticated natural aesthetics and add an elegant touch to any space. Also, the white marble dining table is easier to wipe and clean. This homebase dining table Or the grey marble dining table allows gathering six of your favorite family members and friends for the ultimate elegant dinner!

Canapé trois places Barbican, cuir véritable

à partir de £499.00
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Modern and simplistic, this brown leather sofa is the perfect combination between style and comfort. This contemporary sofa elegance sofa has an added rustic and relaxed vibe to it due to the stitching technique used. 32 seater sofas for pratical use.

Fauteuil d'appoint Tige

£699.00 £559.00
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Featuring a grid design, this art deco armchair is both tasteful and comfortable. Available in a variety of colors, this chair can offer both a neutral look or add a pop of color to your home. Made with high quality leather, this chair is both comfortable and durable.

Fauteuil Cannage Rotin, Velours

à partir de £569.00
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This Cane Rattan Armchair boasts smooth velvet cushions, intricately braided paper cord, and accents of rich oak. This remarkable piece, available in an array of colors, effortlessly combines the rustic charm of a rattan armchair with the plush luxury of a velvet armchair. Indulge in the superior comfort of our grey velvet armchairs / orange velvet armchair, or choose from our other color options to match your decor. Find the perfect accent for your home in our versatile and stylish armchair collection today.

Table basse gigogne Ratley

£699.00 £499.00
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With its speical structure, the combination of marble and metal makes this nesting coffee table unique. It is easy to maintain this marble top coffee table. To add a stylish touch to your house by ordering this french coffee table now.

Fauteuil Milo Baughman, Velours

£699.00 £499.00
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Simple and unique, this crushed velvet armchair is one of its kind. Featuring three legs instead of four, this armchair is minimalistic and versatile. The velvet is silky smooth and offers a comfortable touch perfect for relaxation.

Fauteuil style Utrecht, vert

£711.00 £569.00
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Looking for a comfy and good-looking armchair for your room? Check our Utrecht-style recliner armchair now. Slightly reclined with a low seat, this contemporary armchair would provide extra comfort to you. The magnanimous design of this modern armchair would make a strong statement in any space.

Buffet Ankhara, vert

£736.00 £699.00
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Beautifully designed, this green sideboard is the perfect combination between style and practicality. Featuring a dark green exterior combined with contrasting brass details, this sideboard will effortlessly elevate your living space. In addition, its extensive drawer system offers plenty of storage perfect for organizing your everyday items.

Table à manger Almé

Alme dining table's versatility makes the perfect addition to your home. Boasting with the delicate marble tabletop and stainless steel. Inject modern charm into your dining room with this stylish piece!

Fauteuil Reece

£749.00 £599.00
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With a striking one of a kind design, this animal print armchair is the perfect statement piece for your home. Modern yet sophisticated, the armchair features brass details that elevates the entire design and brings a touch of elegance. The thick cushions are also very comfortable and bring great support for the back.

Meuble télé Nauta, rouge

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This red TV stand is perfect for those who want to liven up their living space with a pop of color. Featuring a nordic inspired design, this Tv stand has 3D geometric patterns on the cabinet doors and will bring a modern and minimalist flair to your home. It provides a large surface for displaying decor and offers ample storage room perfect for organizing magazines and other everyday items.

Fauteuil INS3, Velours

à partir de £489.00
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Velvet exterior combined with brass details, this dark green armchair has an elegant and sophisticated vibe. Despite its simple design, it offers great comfort with the silky smooth velvet and thick foam paddings. This laid-back design is versatile and goes well with any kind of decor.

Support Aulu

Instead of leaving the corner of your home empty, it is better to choose our AULU wooden shelving unit, which can not only increase the storage space but also can be treated as an ornament. Featuring saturated tones and a simple line design, this narrow shelving unit would bring visual enjoyment to you. Crafted from high-quality MDF material, this living room shelving unit is durable for long-term usage.

Table d'appoint Elanz, Table de chevet

à partir de £289.00
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With a special appearance, our Elanz art deco bedside table is a beautiful addition to any home. Crafted from MDF, makes this modern bedside table is easy to maintain and lasts for a long period of usage. And thanks to its compact size, this little contemporary bedside table is great for tighter spaces in the home where you need a little surface space.

Des dizaines de commodes

£499.00 £469.00
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The Tens grey chest of drawers with four drawers offers a contemporary storage solution for your space. A slimline design makes this modern chest of drawers a perfect pick for minimalism. The cabinet of this bedroom chest of drawers is treated with a matt process, making the color more textured, which is scratch-resistant and easy to clean.

Table d'appoint Sulta, table de chevet, contreplaqué

Boasting four painted steel legs in golden finishing and sharp colors of the cabinet, this Sulta modern bedside table would be a focal point to decorate your room. Featuring two drawers, this contemporary bedside table provides enough room for your belongings. This bedside table with drawers is made of plywood, which is durable while maintaining its beauty and fashion.

Stockage de chaussures Sten

This Sten wooden shoe storage is an ideal solution to your hallway and is a functional piece of furniture. With four adjustable design feet, this hallway shoe storage can adapt to uneven floors. The cabinet door of this shoe storage cabinet is made of high-strength wavy tempered glass, which improves the sense of design, makes the cabinet come with a hazy effect, and maintains a sense of visual cleanliness for your home.

Commodes Cara

The Cara modern chest of drawers has five layers of space from top to bottom, which can help you organize and store items in an orderly manner. The cabinet door of this wooden chest of drawers is made of high-strength wavy tempered glass to prevent the items in the cabinet from being snooped on and protect your privacy. Features the beveled edges of this bedroom chest of drawers, which increases the level of space and effectively avoids accidental bumps.

Buffet Aber, noir

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Elegantly designed, this balck glass sideboard has a beautiful and decadent design. Combining elements of glass with brass details, this sideboard will elevate your living space effortlessly. In addition, its extensive shelving system provides ample storage room perfect for organizing your everyday items.

Commodes Kilby

à partir de £449.00
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Providing stylish metal legs, and a cool tone color palette by this Kilby modern chest of drawers with a minimalist appeal, which would add a splash of style to your home. This wooden chest of drawers does not need to be so special, but it is a must-have for every family for its strong storage capacity. This bedroom chest of drawers enables cleaning so much easier with its high-feet design.

Commodes Tandy Avec Miroir

The Tandy mirrored chest of drawers can be considered as a chest of drawers, a jewelry cabinet, and an art piece in your home. The functional areas of this modern chest of drawers are very meticulously divided, and it is equipped with a vanity mirror at the top, which can be opened with a single flip. You can check the wearing effect of your jewelry at any time, quickly and easily. The top two levels of this wooden chest of drawers are equipped with removable velvet-lined accessory compartments, which can also be used as a regular drawer when the sorting compartment is removed.

Meuble TV CASA, blanc et vert

Drawing inspiration from minimalism, this modern white TV stand is elegant and modern. Featuring a white exterior accented with mint green shelves to bring a pop of color. Its extensive shelving system will provide ample storage space perfect for organization of magazines and other everyday items.

Meuble TV Camden

£836.00 £669.00
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Minimalistically designed, this modern and elegant grey TV stand is the perfect combination between style and functionality. Featuring grey and balck exterior, the TV stand brings a sharp contemporary vibe to your home. In addition, it provides a large surface for displaying decor and offers ample storage room perfect for organizing magazines and other everyday items.

Ensemble de table basse Inca, pierre frittée

This Inca nesting coffee table would not go wrong with your room by its classic black and white colors. Embellished golden color edge makes this modern coffee table does not look dull at all. Meanwhile, the marble top will make this contemporary coffee table sturdy and easy to take care of.

Demure, canapé 3 places, velours

£1,599.00 £1,499.00
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Simple yet elegant, this luxury velvet sofa combines modern designs with comfort. Featuring a silky smooth velvet exterior in two neutral colors for some added contrast and brass details, the sofa is tasteful and decadent. With minimal decoration, this sofa is versatile and goes with almost any kind of decor or interior design styles without overpowering other accents in your home.

Table de salle à manger Camden

à partir de £689.00
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Camden dining table with smooth stone surface top, which allows easy cleaning while resisting scratches, heat and fading, keeping the beauty for years to come. It is ideally for inviting guests over for friends potlucks.

Table de salle à manger ronde Barbican

à partir de £689.00
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This elegant table is likely to create conversation in your home, whether you're bringing guests over for friends' potlucks or weekend family meals. The exquisite marble tabletop gives the ensemble a polished touch.

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