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Weilai Concept's Leather Armchairs collection exudes sophistication. Start with a statement piece like a leather corner sofa, perfect for luxurious lounging. Explore our special shapes leather armchairs, adding a touch of uniqueness to your space. Complete the look with a chic black nesting coffee table and small cushions for added comfort and style. Elevate your interior with Weilai Concept's progressive and thoughtfully curated leather furniture collection.

Chaise Et Pouf Barcelona, ​​Fauteuil

à partir de £399.00
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🔥 Top Selling No.3 in Armchair 

This Barcelona Chair has a classic design and is the perfect piece to bring some style and comfort to your home. With thick removable paddings, this black Barcelona chairs offer optimum support for your spine and neck. The vintage armchair barcelona sofa is perfect for your seating arrangement and a great choice for extra high back chairs to help add to your home decor.

Fauteuil d'appoint Tige

£699.00 £559.00
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Featuring a grid design, this art deco armchair is both tasteful and comfortable. Available in a variety of colors, this chair can offer both a neutral look or add a pop of color to your home. Made with high quality leather, this chair is both comfortable and durable.

Fauteuil Escargot, Cuir Marron

£559.00 £469.00
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🔥 Top Selling No.1 in Armchair 

This contemporary leather armchair is stylish and practical. With a minimalistic design combined with high quality leather, the Snail armchair is a great piece for decoration. Featuring high density foam padding, the chair is also incredibly comfortable.

Fauteuil TR58, marron

£486.00 £459.00
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The TR58 armchair is the perfect combination between style and comfort. Minimalistically designed, this retro leather armchair features thick padding which provides optimum comfort and support for the back. The neutral design is also versatile and goes with all kinds of interior design styles.

Le fauteuil Chesterfield, cuir véritable

à partir de £599.00
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Elegant and retro, this leather Chesterfield armchair has a classic, sophisticated design. This piece is sure to make a statement in your home and grab evryones’ attention. Featuring thick foam cushions, the chair is comfortable and provides great support for the back.

Muuto Outline Style Fauteuil, Cuir

à partir de £595.00
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Inspired by modern and simplistic designs, this brown armchair is minimalistic and versatile. Featuring neutral colors, it pairs well with most color schemes and interior design styles. The thick padding offers great comfort and support for the back.

Hans CH65 Claude Easy Fauteuil, Chêne Massif

Elegantly designed, this taupe armchair is crafted from top of the class oak and leather. Its minimalist design brings a modern flair to any living space. The neutral colors make the chair versatile and pair well with all color schemes.

Fauteuil Hans CH32, bois massif

£659.00 £459.00
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🔥 Top Selling No.2 in Armchair 

Hans wegner CH32 Armchair is designed by Hans J.wegner. This comfy design of vintage armchair is crafted with solid wood and upholstered with green leather which is the perfect solution for a living room. The club chair backrest and seat upholstery give you instant relaxation, and the brown leather armchair and green armchair cushions are both foam and soft to the touch.

Fauteuil Reece

£749.00 £599.00
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With a striking one of a kind design, this animal print armchair is the perfect statement piece for your home. Modern yet sophisticated, the armchair features brass details that elevates the entire design and brings a touch of elegance. The thick cushions are also very comfortable and bring great support for the back.

Fauteuil Hans Style CH22, Noyer, Display one

Where is this great design from! I bet you'll hardly see it anywhere else! Such a space saver, and with it, you have so much more space left in your room! When the first rays of the morning sun, the warm afternoon sun spills on the table ...... Your face will look its best! And your makeup will be at its best when you do it in this natural light!

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