Unlike olden times, we have got multiple options available these days that can help us decorate houses as per our taste and trends. The beautification of your place has never been more accessible. Ranging from wall paint to choosing the suitable composite decking board, you have got a wide range of options to pick from. Likewise, flooring plays an integral part in transforming the overall look of your space. The top trends of flooring often include the wooden floor. They are timeless and have grace that is unparalleled to this day.

Wooden floors give a classic look to your entire living space, and for sure leave a good impression as a person enters the room. However, not to forget the fact, they are very much prone to scratches if you are the kind of person who prefers to drag the chair or likes to reposition the furniture now and then. Here are some fantastic tips for you to keep your floor as good as new and protect it from being damaged by heavy furniture:

Don’t Drag Your Furniture:

This one is obvious, but we cannot start with other tips without discussing this one. If you have got wooden flooring, avoid dragging your furniture around. If you are planning to relocate everything, ask for help from family, friends or hire someone who can help you do so by lifting the furniture. Moreover, you can also consider putting some clothes or towels under your table if you have to drag them, be careful. Would you please keep checking the towels while you carry your furniture and adjust it according to the need? You can also use rugs for extracting the table, and it’s a more convenient option than using towels and cloths.

Using Felt Pads:

Furniture items, mainly the metallic ones, have sharp edges, and even by simply moving something slightly, the floor can get scratched easily. The heavier a piece of furniture is, the more your floor is prone to damage. Consider adding felt pads to the bottom of your table, considerably legs, sides, and feet. Keep examining places once in a while because the weight of furniture can damage them. If you are putting or stacking heavy items on your table, you should check felt pads more often.

Do Some Thorough Cleaning:

Even the slightest scratch on a wooden floor can be easily spotted. Before laying furniture, make sure to clean the floor thoroughly. The dust particles could be pressed with the weight of furniture and can end up scratching the floor. It would be preferred for you to mop the floor first, wait for it to dry, and then rearrange your furniture to make it the perfect living space for you.

Reconsider your Furniture Placement:

I prefer putting your furniture in quiet places and away from walkways. If you have an ottoman placed right in the middle of the room, it will likely be moved if a kid bumps into it accidentally. It is recommended for you to set your furniture rather carefully if you have a wooden floor. Make sure to keep the central areas vacant and use the sidelines to furnish your room.


Keeping heavy furniture while having wooden flooring isn’t impossible. You can furnish your living space with the décor and furniture items of your choice and can keep your floor safe from scratches simultaneously. All you need to do is to take a little extra care of everything by following these tips. There isn’t a doubt that wooden flooring adds grace to your living space and makes it look contemporary.