New trend design showcases the stylish of Rattan furniture

Rattan furniture has recently resurrected the interior design trend into a very modern and elegant way.  Under increasingly embracing and infusing stylish elements with Rattan furniture, this trend enters the mainstream furniture market.

 This kind of rattan design factor was originated from Indonesia, but quickly loved and spread worldwide for centuries. It is worth noting that the timeless feature of rattan design is being reinvented and rediscovered back to our new trend, seems like it had never gone out of style.

Let’s look at more creative and stylish ways that you can play with hints of rattan elements in your furniture and accessories to decorate home interiors.


Living room decoration

Rattan storage cabinet

As a tensile, durable and versatile material, rattan used to be an ideal material for outdoor furniture and accessories. While blending well with more decorating styles, rattan shows its characteristics of lovely texture, cleanness and eco-friendly, which easily create peaceful, casual but vintage vibes for any rooms.  

(Tulma Cabinet, Rattan & Oak)


Say YES to Rattan

Rattan armchair

A very important feature of rattan furniture is its lightweight, clean and versatile. An armchair from our WEILAI New Trend collection would look wonderful in any casual room decoration, especially you want to create a space to enjoy your reading and coffee.

(Corinne Rattan Armchair) weilai concept

Feel the warmth of the real nature

Rattan side table

The texture of rattan is soft and pliable which will allow it to be formed and woven into really stunning shapes and deliciated patterns. Since rattan is a natural material, it comes with natural warmth instead of the heaviness feelings of wood furniture.

(Pavia Side Table, Bedside Table, Rattan & Oak) weilai concept


Where Rattan can play better

Rattan cabinet

Rattan cabinetry is so stunning and unique, because it adds texture and fun factors to a full piece furniture without feeling too overwhelming. In addition, our new trend collection has so many fantastic options, from sideboard drawers to different sizes drawers. They will decorate your home with brand new style and create fresh vibes.

(Cane Wardrobe, Hallway Storage, Natural Rattan & Oak) weilai concept


The comfortable factor of your home

Rattan Sideboard

Introducing rattan accents to rooms that can transform the space into where more liveable and modern. The meanings behind of rattan products are likely referring to harvest and wealth, this has been recognised for centuries and changed very little over times, as the natural materials rely on best skilled hands of a producer rather than machine production. It puts more artistic value to our rattan sideboard and deliver uniqueness of each piece. This is the design of wood structures 7th edition 

  (Tulma Sideboard, Natural Rattan & Oak) weilai concept