You also wonder why saddle chairs are so popular around? Well, I’ve the answer. When people sit for a long time on standard chairs, their spine is compressed, which can cause back pain. A saddle chair is better for your back than a standard office chair. You can also open up your hips by sitting on an equestrian-style seat. Lower back pain is more likely to develop if your hip flexors are tight. With its unique shape, the Saddle evokes adventure, speed and sporting elegance from hunting, racing and polo.

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I have myself tried this item. In my case, I am using it as a small corner computer desk. The assembling of the chair was easy. It maintains posture and is comfortable. It rolls easily and fits under the desk, so there's no need for a bulky desk chair. As a result of the seat being just the right size, it keeps my back straighter and allows me to move closer to my desk. It can easily be used as a saddle stool as the contour distributes your body weight evenly across the two halves. I experienced a 90% reduction in back and neck pain after using it.


Not all the saddle chairs and stools are backless. One might like to have a chair with a back. If you are one of them, this item is your hot favorite. It comes with a metal and aluminum frame provides a solid foundation, and the backrest can be removed.  Frnimac has a height range of 21 inches to 29.4 inches. A regular office chair can be paired with this chair at its lowest setting, making it ideal for use with a standard desk.

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Its unique and iconic design is inspired by equestrian pursuits, which makes it a symbol of luxury and fame. On either side of the saddle, it has actual saddles that are affixed with corner-blocked joinery and blanket stitching. It contains a thick, luxuriously soft layer of foam tops the S-shaped steel spring suspension for premium support.

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Imagine it as the Jaune chair in a smaller size. Compared to our top pick, the Jaune saddle chair, the Antlu is a better option if you're slim or petite. Featuring a synthetic leather cover, the Antlu looks very chic and is extremely easy to clean. You won't have to worry about your hard floor being scratched by its polyurethane and rubber wheels. Moreover, it is easy to assemble since it requires no tools.


This tall chair is fully adjustable and eco-friendly, as well as being the tallest on our list. For tall office workers who want the perfect leg angle, this chair's seat height can be adjusted from 22" to 31". You can change positions throughout your workday as your tasks change.

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