Cane and rattan are the most floating words when talking about the latest furniture trends in 2022. Pinterest, Instagram, and magazines are flooded with the latest designs whether it is a rattan shoe cabinet, rattan room divider, or cane shelving unit. You might be confused about which one to choose and why. To remove your dilemma, we have explained both in detail. Keep reading, and it will help you choose the best rattan and cane furniture for you this summer.


What Is Rattan?

Rattan is the wood of trees that are grown in Southeast Asia. They are tall trees that grow up to 100 feet in height but then bend towards the ground like vines. It is one of the strongest types of wood in the world. This strength makes rattan-made furniture most durable and long-lasting. Rattan furniture is an ideal choice for those who love bohemian and tropical interiors. Rattan is used in large furniture as there are a variety of options to choose from like rattan shoe cabinet or a rattan room divider.

What Is Cane?

The outer part of the rattan tree after removing the thorny skin is called cane. It is light in color and is made by removing the top layer of the rattan vine. It is less porous than rattan which makes it waterproof, thus ideal for garden furniture. The cane is wrapped around the furniture body usually hardwood, steel, or aluminum to add beauty to the texture and the façade of furnishings. Common examples of cane furniture are the cane shelving unit or Swara garden furniture which are trendy in the 2022 summer. 

Best Rattan Garden furniture

Garden Rattan Dining Set


Vallee-outdoor-dining table set


We highly endorse buying a rattan outdoor dining set for you and your loved one.  This is perfect for your lovely family; if you have a large family, you can buy more dining chairs. Rattan dining chair is an ideal choice for those couples who are planning to enjoy a romantic dinner after the sunset.

Marbella Outdoor Rattan Sofa Set


Marbella Outdoor Sofa Set


Marbella is a hand-woven chaise garden sofa set and is an ideal choice for those who are looking for perfect rattan garden furniture for their home. Marbella outdoor rattan sofa set is ideal for you this summer because of their strong material and comfy experience. Include a cushion-top table as a footrest to kick back and relax while having a coffee in the evening.

Swara garden furniture


Swara Rattan Armchair indoor/outdoor


 Your home can be made sophisticated by a soft statement silhouette Swara armchair. It can be a great decoration for indoor or outdoor use. Due to rattan material, it requires low maintenance and gives extra strength to your furniture.

Best Cane Garden Furniture

Cane Shelving Unit




Add a touch of uniqueness and style to your home with a cane shelving unit. You can place your favorite books or tea set on the shelf for your convenience. Can also be easily used as your bar sideboard.

Cane Bench




The cane bench is perfect for your grandparents to spend the sunny day. The sleek design adds a warmer touch to your outdoor furniture.

CH25 Easy Chair




Ch25 is a symbol of class and can be a good sitting piece of furniture in your garden. Begin your day by sitting on the ch25 easy chair with a cup of tea while you read the newspaper in the morning.