Having a chair for prolonged sitting with style without causing backbone pain is like killing two birds with a single stone. You can enjoy the fantastic seating experience by choosing our Timothy Oulton Saddle leather lounge chair with a soft footstool replica. Here we will discuss why an ergonomic saddle chair is best for your health as well as your productivity in the office.

timothy oulton saddle chair

Saddle Office Chair Removes Back Pain

The upper legs' firmly descending position twists the pelvis forth and folds the lower spine into a proper anatomical position of lordosis. This, in turn, straightens the upper back, resulting in better back posture and less strain on the upper back, shoulder muscles, and neck muscles.


Saddle-sitting Improves Sitting Posture

This saddle sitting stance changes your sitting posture forever. It is good for stimulating and straightening your back and button muscles. You will feel comfortable and can apply for this sitting position wherever you sit. You can find a horse saddle chair for sale easily for upgrading your sitting posture.


Saddle Sitting Improves Leg Circulation

The declining posture of the upper legs is vital for good circulation of blood into the legs and lower part of the body. This helps you to sit for long hours without feeling numbness in your feet. So a comfy and relaxed sitting experience is what you get.

Saddle-sitting Enhances Hand Acuity

Saddle chairs are good for the office as they help in hand activity. You can easily place and pick things from the table in front of you without having to lean so much. It is due to improved positioning of the shoulder and torso. This is the reason they are called saddle chair dental normally because it helps a dentist to perform tasks easily.

Reduces Strain in Pregnant Women Lower Parts

According to studies, a horse saddle chair UK can be beneficial for pregnant women as it reduces the tension on the female genital parts of pregnant women. Other than avoiding pelvic pain, it also eases relaxed breathing by thwarting a hyperextended posture.

Saddle Chairs Help Stimulating Spinal Angle

Saddle chairs dental are good for stimulating the natural spinal angle of the limbo-pelvic and cervical regions in the human body. It means that this type of chair can also be supportive for rectifying postural problems like flat back.

How to Choose the Perfect Ergonomic Saddle Chair

The decision to buy an ergonomic saddle chair should be cautious, keeping the medical, comfortable, and office working needs in mind. Stools and an ergonomic saddle office chair need to be comfortable, highly adjustable, structurally sound, and ergonomically designed for working.

Here are our most popular saddle chairs for sale:

Horse Saddle Chair for sale

horse saddle chair for sale


Comfort in Firmness

The saddle office chair is relatively less soft than a comfy sofa, but never do the seller fool you by selling a hard seat instead of a saddle chair UK. Firmness doesn’t mean that they are not uncomfortable, so be careful in purchasing a saddle chair that it must be comfortable and firm only to sustain body posture.

Tilt Option

When purchasing a horse saddle chair UK, look for the ability to adjust the seat. Everyone has a different experience because of their body shape, so the seat adjustment option for tilting is a must.


Suppose you need a saddle chair for your office or work from home environment, by one with a backrest. It gives a good posture sitting extending time period. Also, the backrest is good for relieving pain in your back.